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Order a hard copy of your Letter From Jesus on Healing Gift Set today!  



Plus S&H


This very special and unique gift set has the power to transform your life and miraculously change your circumstances! A powerful message proclaiming the finished work of Jesus Christ and how it applies not only to healing for your body and mind, but how it applies to all areas of your life.


Packaged in a beautiful keepsake box is a scroll containing the written message and scripture references for your own personal study time.


Also included is a very powerful dramatized audio CD which brings to life the written message. We believe that as you continually listen to the words that Jesus is speaking to you and soak in the heavenly sounds of worship, that you will encounter a manifested presence of God and begin your transformation of healing.


This message also equips you to prevent sickness by teaching you how to walk in divine health. The perfect gift for anyone in need of physical or emotional healing!

Gift set is pre-packaged and does not avail us the opportunity to insert recipient's name in letter, however it is written and spoken with endearments that maintain a very personal and intimate format.


Resources ordered are priced at fair market value and considered quid pro quo contributions.

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